Social Media Safety Tips

As our user safety is of utmost importance to us, we have included below some social media safety tips, which we strongly recommend adhering to whether you’re on Just Platonic or any social networking site.

However, you are responsible for your own experience on Just Platonic, and it is your responsibility to practice safe behavior while using the site.

Keep Personal Information Private

Never give out personal information such as credit card or banking details, addresses, phone number, etc.

Report Suspicious Behavior

Examples of suspicious behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Asking for money or donations
  • Harassing or offensive messages
  • Members behaving inappropriately when meeting in person
  • Fraudulent registration or profiles
  • Spam or solicitation

Please report any suspicious behavior immediately to

Get to know the other person

Keep your initial communications restricted to the platform and get to know the person before meeting offline

Meet in a public place

Meet for the first time in a public, populated place

Tell your friends/family members of your plans

Let your friends and/or family members know of your plans and when and where you’re going

Drive yourself to and from the meeting

By transporting yourself, you remain independent and in control of the situation

 Utilize Privacy Settings

Become familiar with our privacy settings and utilize them as necessary

Trust Your Gut

If you sense something is off, it probably is

By following the above guidelines, we expect that you will have a safe and enjoyable experience on Just Platonic.  But our guidelines are not meant to be a replacement for your own judgment.  After all, you’re the best judge of your own safety!


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