Types of Friends Everyone Needs

Since Just Platonic is about helping people make friends, we thought we’d offer some suggestions for the types of friends everyone needs.

This is not a comprehensive list, by any means, of all the types of friends one can have or one can be.  Perhaps that’s something to consider for a future post …  And everyone has different needs and expectations.  But after some careful thought and consideration, we’ve narrowed it down to five specific types of friends we think everyone needs in their life.

The Boredom Killer

This is the person who’s down for anything, no matter the time of day or night.  You’re bored on a Friday night with nothing to do?  This is who you call because chances are, they’re bored on a Friday night too or have awesome plans they’re only too happy to include you in.  The catch is that you’re required to reciprocate.

The Twin

We all need someone (or someones) with whom we share common interests.  It might be one person who shares not only your love of art, but also your obsession with thrash metal.  Or it might be a few different people, each of whom you have a specific commonality with.  This is the person you can count on to actually want to go to that event with you, rather than someone you’re dragging against their will who’s complaining about how bored they are the entire time.


The One Who’s on the Same Wavelength

Let me be clear: there is nothing wrong with being friends with people whose lifestyles are different from your own.  However, we all need at least one person whose lifestyle is on par with our own.  Try talking about your dating life (or lack thereof) with your married friends or discuss parenting with your childless friends.  Before anyone comes for me saying “If they’re a real friend it won’t matter, they’ll be there for you regardless!” I agree.  But we still need someone who’s on our level, who can understand and relate to what we’re going through in the here and now.  Because it’s really freaking hard to express your frustrations with your dating life with your happily married friend who doesn’t even remember being single and judges you for being “too picky”.

The Therapist

Okay, our friends are not and should not be used as actual therapists (unless they really are a therapist).  But the reality is, we go to our friends for support and in times of emotional or mental need.  Some people are better at offering this support than others, so having someone in your life you can count on is key.  However, like The Boredom Killer, you need to reciprocate.


The Work Buddy

I’ve worked in environments where I didn’t feel like I had a friend, anyone I could vent to during a particularly stressful day or even anyone who cared enough to ask how my weekend was.  Trust me, it effing sucks.  You don’t need to hang out outside of the office if your commonalities don’t extend beyond the walls of your office, but everyone needs to feel like they have a support system at work.


What do you think?  Do you think you need these types of friends in your life?  What other types of friends do you think everyone needs?  Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to hit that share button!


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